Lovely Hand Illustrated Shoes by Francisco Miranda

Portuguese designer, Francisco Miranda (aka Tooco) has developed an unusual model for Doble Sentido brand. The main feature of the new model is the zip that is used as a creative decor, as well as an original clasp in unusual performance.

Zipper decorates the top of the unusual shoes. It’s a quite original decorative solution, immediately drawing attention to the new model. In addition, you can fasten a zipper – here you can regulate the width of the shoes that is very convenient for women with narrow or broad foot.


The author of this miracle Francisco Miranda is a graphic designer, which is more interesting in this case. In the execution of Francisco Miranda shoes look very original and unusual. Perhaps, the model will gain popularity among young girls who love fashionable, extra-ordinary things and experimentation.


The designer represented three versions of graphic prints for these shoes. He used the classic combination of colors – black, white, red, black and white, but those familiar color contrasts are quite new on the surface of these shoes. The graphic prints seem to be drawn by hand with Chinese ink.

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