Lesley Richmond’s textile art

Lesley Richmond was born in Cornwall, England. Lesley now lives in Vancouver, BC, Canada. She received her art teachers training in London, England and her MEd in the USA. She taught in the textile arts program at Capilano University, Vancouver, Canada to 2003 while continuing her practice as a studio artist. Lesley now works full time in her studio.

The Distant Forest series incorporates details of the forest floor. The layers and detritus of the seasons bring our focus close to the earth, revealing a microcosm of the life cycle of nature.

Lesley Richmond 3

Lesley’s current work, The Tree / Forest Series is inspired by the architectural elegance of trees; tranquil and timeless. Lesley photographs trees, focusing on the intricacy of their branching structures and then prints these images on cloth, using a medium that creates a dimensional surface. She then eliminates selected background areas, leaving the structural images of trees as the dominant feature. The images are then painted with metal patinas and pigments.

Lesley Richmond 2

In the Leaf Cloth series Lesley constructs textiles that explore the delicate cellular shapes and perforations of leaf veins. The finished fabric looks fragile, but is actually quite strong, not unlike the leaf-skeleton itself. The Feather Cloth pieces explore the fragility and elegance of feather structures.

Lesley Richmond 1

Lesley’s work is in collections in the USA, Japan, Poland, Korea and Canada, including: Art in Embassies, Dept. of State, USA, Libreville, Gabon, Africa; Baltimore Museum of Art, USA; Royal Caribbean International Corporate Collection, Eclipse Cruise Ship and The Central Museum of Textiles, Lodz, Poland.

Lesley Richmond 4

Her recent exhibitions include: Crafts Embrace the World, Choengju International Craft Competition Winners, Korean Craft Museum 2012, S. Korea and SOFA Chicago & New York 2011/12, The 12th International Triennial of Tapestry 2007, Lodz, Poland. Her work is featured in: Textiles – The Art of Mankind, Mary Schoeser, Thames & Hudson; Vol. 40 of the The Portfolio Collection and Art Textiles of the World – Canada, by Telos Art Publishing.

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  1. Lily McDonald says:

    Good morning. I was wondering if anyone would know the date that a silk print called “NIGHT LIGHT” was done. Thanks so much.

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