Kirsty Elson’s Design

Kirsty Elson studied illustration, specialising in printmaking, at Cambridge School of Art, and her work is deeply inspired by the county of Cornwall.
After moving back to the South West, and becoming mum to two boys, Kirsty couldn’t restrain her creativity any longer and she began making cards from local driftwood.

Since then, she’s become more and more interested in creating beautiful pieces from driftwood and other found objects, and she’s become quite well-aquainted with her sewing machine. Kirsty also makes collages from hundreds of bits of torn magazines – and she is a beginner in crochet.

Many of Kirsty’s items are completely unique, she’s led by the shape and form of the driftwood itself, so that no two pieces are the same – even the cards are all slightly different.

Kirsty Elson  makes decorative items in several mediums – driftwood, textiles and paper – but they generally have a distinctive nautical style. She creates beautiful cottages from driftwood and nails, with simple details in colours, mostly stripes and polka dots.

Her collages made of paper and textile pieces radiate  coastal atmosphere – Cornwall’s seaside scenes – houses on the cliffs and boats on the dock.


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