Katrin Moye’s Ceramic Art

Katrin Moye is a ceramic artist and she specialises in making tableware using the traditional technique of slip painting on earthenware.  Her pattern designs are based on memories of her childhood in the 1970′s. She is inspired by everyday items she remember from the time such as wallpaper, picture books and cushions.  Katrin has developed her patterns on the simplified natural motifs found in design from this period as well as in the 1950s and 1960s.

Katrin Moye 3

Things like a dotty, stripy shirt her dad wore, the red Thermos they always took with them on picnics and the cushion her mum (a textile artist) embroidered for the sofa.  Katrin even named some of her patterns after members of her family, because they are developed from the things that she associates with them in her memory.

Katrin Moye 2

Katrin makes tableware because she loves the thought that people are going to use the things she make, and will not feel precious or anxious about handling them.  She thinks that to use something like a favourite cup over and over means that a special and intimate relationship develops between the object and the owner, in a way that could never happen with something bought just to look at.

Katrin Moye 5

Pattern and colour are hugely important in Katrin’s work.  She loves the feeling of rightness that a lovely, regular repeat pattern can give you, and the way patterns can change when different palettes of colour are used.

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She is currently developing a new body of work inspired by gardens, leaves and trees, which will include 2d work on paper such as lino print, collage and drawing, as well as new work in ceramics.

Katrin Moye 1

Also she is planning to introduce several new collections of manufactured homewares, such as fabrics, tableware and stationery.

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  1. Lynne says:

    Good day – love you designs and techniques.
    really beautiful

    Can you tell me what tool you use to make your dots please ?


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