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Mandy Besek is a young textile jewelry designer and she creates crazy things that people fall in love with. She love big, crazy tribal jewelry that makes you feel like a super hero.

She focuses her work on vibrant colors and patterns, energetic tribal tones with textural inspiration from the most intricate moss and corals found in nature. All of her fiber necklaces and bracelets are as comfortable and durable as they are detailed.

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Mandy is a graduate of Kutztown University, where she studied textile design extensively. She is truly passionate about the quality of her work. All of her textile jewelry features layers upon layers of detail.

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She is working on her hand wrapped, coiled, and freeform crochet unique tribal jewelry, with the energy of the youth but in the final execution she is precise, delicate and mature. She knows what she wants!

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She also love to draw and paint in watercolors, and creates interesting embroidered wall hangings.

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More about Mandy’s work you can find on

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