James Ward design: Friendly Beasts on Your Plate

James Ward, a.k.a. JimBobArt, is a young UK based freelance illustrator who’s beautifully drawings moves from paper to different objects – plates, cups, walls, even a bath tub! After his holiday in Sweden he was inspired to start to draw on plates, as he found there is a lot of natural history prints on plates and furnishing. He uses a simple plates and he loves the idea of making cheap items such as blank plates into something a little more valuable.

Handmade, each item is completely unique, original pieces of artwork for a reasonable price, he enjoys knowing that someone is in possession of one of his plates.

„I studied Illustration at Westminster University in London where I developed a love of working in pen and ink. I wanted to create pieces that have a narrative, but an ambiguous one. I feel drawing anthropomorphic characters can describe so much about human emotions and personalities with the juxtaposition of the animal’s expression against his clothing, an item or text. The experience I gained from Westminster University was invaluable. We were given freedom to find our own style but also encouraged to find new ways to communicate. Illustration can be a difficult industry to get into so I wanted to supplement my income by selling in markets and local shops. I had to find a product, and so I started with plates“, James says.

James has created a range of hand drawn ceramics that are fun and centered around animals either protecting, stealing, eating or asking politely for your food. His bears,badgers and rats could look rough and scary at the first look – but if you know them better you can’t not to love them. Actually, they are perfect friends for everyone who is still kid at heart.

All of the ceramics will look not only brilliant as a table setting, but great on display; perhaps on a welsh dresser or kitchen shelving.

James Ward also doing a beautiful animal illustrations, that moves you from everyday life to the fairy tale.


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