Inge Jacobsen Cross-stitched Fashion Illustration

Inge Jacobsen is doing very unusual embroideries – she is making a fashion illustrations using needle and thread. This project was a part of her final degree. Inge Jacobsen is a UK based artist who will graduate from the Photography program at Kingston University.

Artist Inge Jacobsen takes high fashion images and makes them her own by embroidering, cutting, and collaging. “My main concern as an artist is how one responds to the mass of imagery in the world. Altering these is central to a lot of my work,” said Jacobsen.

NYLON japan 5

Vogue covers are iconically empowering and flaunting of beautiful, admirable women. They are printed in the millions and sold across the world. Staring back at us this week was the Rosie Huntington-Whiteley issue, full of glamour, royally red and… hand stitched? Upon closer inspection it was clear that this wasn’t a regular issue of Vogue, it was a hand-embroidered version that had taken 50 hours to create.

This is the work of Inge Jacobsen; an artist and photographer who plays with the portrayal of idealised women through cross-stitch. Think high-end fashion ad campaigns and editorial covers teamed with old school embroidered porn images, and you’re heading down the right route.


“I’m particularly interested in exploring the different context in which photography can be used. I like to stray from the conventional perceptions of what photography can and can’t be,” states Jacobsen on her website.
She continues: “With the over saturation of images, my practice seeks to intervene in this overwhelming consumption form the mass produced and alter it to create something unique.”


“This process [of embroidery] makes the covers very tactile and creates something that is impossible to reproduce on a large scale because each piece is unique and handmade.”

Vogue cover april 2011 front

Jacobson has also created a number of other magazine inspired pieces, including famous Vogue photo-shoots and Chanel campaigns.

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