Illustrations of Marco Marella

Marco Marella work has, since 1988, appeared in a variety of publications in Europe, the US and Canada. he has also provided images for numerous international clients in graphic design, book publishing and corporate communications.
Marco’s work has received recognition form industry associations as diverse as American illustration, Luetzer’s archive, the Italian and British associations of illustrators.

Although he briefly studied painting and etching at the Venetian “Accademia di Belle Arti”, and he attended an illustration course at the “Chelsea School of Art” in London, UK, Marco thinks those moments are only parts of that wider experience of the world influencing his works. He considers himself a self taught artist.

After various working experiences, ranging from ship-boy on a cargo to army officer, in 1988 he started his  career as an illustrator and since then he has been involved in any kind of illustration work, in Italy and abroad.

Marco’s illustrations have been awarded by the Italian and British associations of illustrators, and have been published on ‘American Illustration’ 27 and 28, Luerzer’s archive ‘200 best illustrators worlwide’ 2008 and 2009, ‘Illusive’ contemporary illustration 3, 2009.


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