How to use an old pallets?

Pallets are used and abused wooden platforms used in factories, warehouses, stores or building sites to move heavy loads around . The possibilities of usage the pallets for furniture are endless. A modern atmosphere can be created with an unique pallet sofa, and in garden with an informal and simple chair. Making pallet stools is very easy, and a TV stand comes out even easier. Even an elegant dresser can be formed with a just a bit of .

Re-used wooden pallets are  definitely perfect choice for the environment, and excellent for home design.Pallets are made to be strong and durable. Because of that pallets can easily be kept outside without worry of them rotten or broken.

It doesn’t take an incredible amount of skill to make an attractive pallet coffee table, since the pallets themselves are already fixed together. Adding a drawer will be more complex project, but will look great and give you some storage space. If you are not too experienced or you just don’t have enough time , just take two pallets, fix them together and add some wheels.

Pallets can be well used to make beautiful shelf to hold everything you want – magazines, books, pottery collection, plant pots, wine bottles, or jam jars. With only the slightest modifications, old pallets can become the perfect vertical greenhouses, or fairy-tale-looked book shelf.

Whatever you choose to make, coffee table, chair, shelf or something else, you can keep the natural colour of the wood (usually it is beautiful because of the patina) or you can paint it in the colour that suits your interior.

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