How to Stencil the Wall in your Home?

Home decoration is very important today, and equally important seems to get your hands on it and do it yourself! It is a good fun and a big saving, even if you are not very skilled or experienced. Browse magazines or internet for an inspiration, pick the wall, think through the colour scheme and just go for it. Stencil the wall with any design you want!

Stenciling is pretty low cost way to decorate your home and can be very effective. For this project you will need only basic materials, that probably already have at home. If you need a help with designs, there is plenty of sources on the internet that you can copy.



1–2 pieces of poster board
masking tape
pen or pencil
box cutter or scissors
wooden board
painter’s tape
small foam roller

cranes xtencil

How to do it?

1 To make a stencil, start with a piece of poster board. If you want a larger stencil to balance the scale of your room, tape two pieces of poster board together with some masking tape.

2  Begin to draw your pattern on the poster board. If you are not comfortable with free-handing your design, use a ruler to create a geometric pattern. You can also find patterns on the internet.

Once your pattern is completely drawn, trace over the lines with a box cutter or use a pair of scissors to cut it. If using a box cutter, place a piece of wood or other solid material underneath the poster board to protect your table from scratches.

tree branch stencil

4 Once the stencil is cut out, tape it to the wall using painter’s tape. Use a level to make sure your design lines straight.

5 Using a small foam roller, with minimal paint, apply the paint directly over the stencil. Don’t use too much paint because it could bleed under your stencil.

butterfly stencil

6 Remove the stencil from the wall.

7 Continue the stencil around the room, aligning the pattern and repeating steps four through six as necessary.

8 Touch-up any bleeding lines or imperfections with a small artist’s brush.

Paisley stencil

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