How to Make a Layered Corsage?

Layered corsages are little stacks of different fabric circles, sewn together to form a layered flower. They can be made from tiny scraps of leftover fabric and transformed into lovely gifts with all sorts of uses. Once you start making these flowers, you will not want to stop. As you only need tiny circles of each different fabric it is often worth making several flowers at a time.

Rifle through your scrap bag, your too-small children’s clothes or vintage fabrics and pick out some suitable materials. Some thicker pieces are always good to add some structure to the flowers. Use old blanket off-cuts, felted woollen jumpers that have accidentally (or otherwise) shrunk during washing, velvet, lace, cotton and prints in plain and pretty patterns.

Make lots of flowers and string them along some narrow ribbon to make a little flower bunting, or use them as a pretty topper when wrapping a present.

Material you will need


paper for templates

paper scissors

little scraps of fabrics, from 3 – 10 cm square

tailor’s chalk

fabric scissors

pinking shears

hand-sewing needle

sewing thread

small, pretty button

How to make them?

1 The corsages need not to be regular, but if you need a template, cut out six or seven paper circles of gradually reducing sizes, from about 10 cm down to about 3 cm. Chalk around these templates on the backs of the different fabrics.

2 Cut the circles out using pinking shears or plain scissors, scallop some of the edges for a little contrast if you like. Pile the circles all on the top of one another, starting with the largest on the bottom. Add cut-out leaf shapes or actual flowers from printed fabrics for variety. Swap the fabrics around between flowers until you have your perfect flower.

3 Sew a few stitches straight through the middle of the corsage to hold all the layers in place. Choose the best looking button to top this little stack and sew it securely through all the layers of fabric onto the front of the corsage.


For a pretty flower brooch, simply sew a large safety pin into a middle of the back of the flower, sewing through just a few layers of fabric.

Hairclips and bobbles

Sew a little flower to the end of a hairclip or hair tie with a few firm stitches.

Shoe decoration

Use strong fabric glue or a glue gun to stick flowers firmly in place on the front of a pair of plain shoes.

Bracelet or choker

These look lovely if you can find glass buttons or beads to add a little sparkle to the flower centres. Cut a piece of velvet ribbon to the right length to go aroud a wrist or neck, plus 3 cm. Turn over the ends by 1 cm and hem them with matching thread and add a popper so that the bracelet or choker can be easily fastened.

Sew a little row of tiny corsages, old buttons, beads and sequins along the middle of the ribbon. Little pieces from chandeliers are really well suited, too, as they already have helpful holes at the top.

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