How to Make a 3-D Globes?

It is a slightly sad that in the age of Google maps, GPS systems and navigation tools that can pinpoint your exact location at any given time, good old globes are becoming obsolete. Back in time, every school child was growing up with a desktop globe. It was a great help at school but also a great fun – spin it as fast as could, close the eyes and stop it with the finger. Wherever the finger landed was where the child is going to travel when grew up. What an exotic places would be on your bucket list.

Many people have these globes stashed away in the attic. This fun project teaches children where certain animals or landmarks are all over the world.

Material you need

– Desktop globe

– hard glue (e.g. E-6000)

– masking tape

– miniature trees, animals, and memorabilia


How to make it?

If you find the old globe, and if it is a bit dusty clean it carefully without using too much water. The damp cloth will do the job. Leave the globe to dry completely.

miniature trees

Meanwhile, sort out the miniatures you managed to find for this project. Small plastic trees (such as pines covered with snow – most likely to find around the Christmas), houses, animals (deers, elephants, zebras, pigs, chicken…) and even small figures of people. It will be great if you can find few miniature object which are landmarks – Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty, Big Ben, Egyptian pyramids or anything similar, like famous British red post box. And don’t forget a ship that will cruise the oceans. For this you can search, gift and souvenir shops, toy stores, eBay…

miniature animals

Now choose the place where you will glue your miniatures. If you glue something that will be upside down ( small koala in Australia), glue it on the globe surface and tape the object in place with masking tape. Remove the tape carefully when the object is dry.

miniature people 1

You can also twist a cardboard globe in half at the equator; it will pry apart easily with the knife. Just use the store-bought light cord (the kind you plug in and has a socket at the end) and run it inside one of the globe halves. You will need to cut the hole at the top of the globe that is large enough to fit the plug through, but small enough to keep the socket inside from slipping through.

big ben


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