How to Choose the right Colour for Your Home?

To choose right colours can be a very difficult job to do because of so many possible options and combinations. You may like a few different styles at the same time and it seems impossible to decide on just one. Or maybe you are renting your place and have certain restrictions what you can do and what you can’t.  We can give you a few tips that may help you with your choices and decisions.

Tip #1. Look at as many possible sources of good interior design and colour schemes – the special websites, interior design magazines, furniture and decor shops…

Take your time to do the research. The ideas may come from some sources you never had think of before. The popular website Pinterest is a good platform for organizing images you have found online because it helps you to create albums that can be organized by the theme. You will find the light and bright interiors, with lots of white and fresh colours.

country style 2

Then you may be attracted with a mud, natural autumn colour scheme that may works well with your existing furniture pieces. Try to make a notice of what all the images you have chose to put in your album have in common. Is it the one specific colour? Or balance between shades? Or you tend to pick simple solutions instead of busy designs?

room 1

Once you’ve collected enough images and had time to analyze them, you’ll pick up on the trends and patterns that you’re drawn to and can then think about how to incorporate those into your own home.

Tip #2. Find a balance between vivid colours and neutrals

If you have white or pale painted walls, you can try to add a colour with bold wall decorations and bright coloured curtains. If your sofa is in neutral colour, add some funky cushions.  Neutral colours will calm down what can potentially be an interior cluttered with colours.

room 4

Neutrals also helps that your designed details (vase, paining on the wall, cushions, upholstered sofa) actually shine in the full shine.

Tip #3. Try to repeat the colour throughout the room

The strong and quality design is achieved if the one colour is repeated throughout the room, or even all house. It looks very well if you paint one wall in the room in, for example, bright blue (or use a wallpaper in blue pattern) and on other side of the room the same blue colour is on the glass vase.

room 2

You can also choose three shades of neutral, natural colour (for furniture and walls) and combine it carefully with two or three bright colours that will be in contrast and spread throughout the room.

room 3

The patterns are also very important and it is a good idea to use one style – contemporary, vintage 70s, cottage flowers – and create the whole theme. Just one detail in your room can change the whole feeling and make your home the unique place for you to enjoy everyday.

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  1. DMarie says:

    That first photo caught my eye. I am trying to get going with painting the inside of my house and this was just what I need to read. Thank you.

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