Homemade Christmas Decorations

Think creatively and you will soon realise that your Christmas decorations do not have to be restricted to the tree alone. Seasonal embellishments, such as various garlands, cards, table decor and so on, are a simple and effective way of adding a bit of festive cheer all around your home. Drape over picture frames, dressers, doors and bookshelves. Enjoy making a small decoration details that will make your home cosy and unique for the holiday season.

1 Handmade Christmas cards are a great way to get into the festive spirit. Keep to a few variations and choose simple designs. Buying a punch, such as the Christmas tree shape, will help to speed up the process – the pieces produced look really effective stuck on a bright colour. The same concept applies to sticking a paper snowflake on a coloured background and then adding paint splodges for a snowy scene. Cutting out leaf shapes from coloured paper and using a ribbon as a trunk produce a retro 60s look. Or cut out triangle shapes from a doily to make a row of mini Christmas trees, then use a different types of ribbon for the trunk to add a bit of colour.

Christmas 4

To create a card with a bit more bling, try to make a ribbon bauble card. Draw a bauble shape in the centre of the front of your card, cut out the shape and then tape different colours and textures to the reverse. Complete the card with a ribbon at the top of the bauble.

2 Create your own Christmas snow globes. First use a strong adhesive to glue down vintage cake decorations to the lid of the jam jar. Will be perfect if you can find an interesting jar wit a bit different shape, but any jar will do the job too. Make sure that the decorations are plastic rather than ceramic, as the paint on these will run in the water. Fill the jar with the water and add the tablespoon of glycerine and two teaspoons of glitter. Stay traditional with white glitter or experiment with colour.

snow globe

Wait for the glue to dry, screw the lid on the jar and turn upside down. Shake for a mini winter wonderland.

3 Use Christmas cookie cutters as the starting point for a quirky display. Simply stick different coloured papers behind one side to highlight the shape. You can use just about anything: recycled Christmas wrapping paper, yesterday’s newspapers or colour photocopies of old letters.

Christmas 2

These would also make great Christmas favours for visitors over the festive period. Why not make homemade biscuits then attach a cutter to the finished parcel with a ribbon?


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