Happy Halloween Table Decoration Ideas

When your guests arrive to the dinner, make sure they have a unforgettable, scary, funny time. Spend a little of your spare time to create and organize a beautiful table decorations for the Halloween diner party, and be sure that all your guests will remember it for long time. Happy Halloween!!!

Decorations for Halloween are widely known: the pumpkin (or originally turnip) lanterns, the ghoulish masks – parodies of the witches and demons who were supposed to stand guardian over the kingdom of spirits – the bonfires, and the fancy dress being the most famous.

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Pumpkins are a vital symbol of the autumn harvest and Halloween. These wonderful, warm-coloured squashes have a heart, it seems, and make delightful shapes when hollowed out and carved. Fill with candles (use safe night-lights) and place in windows, on porches, steps or in gardens.They also look fabulous tottering off a garden wall or balcony, stacked in piles of different varieties and sizes.

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So, how to set table for the Halloween diner? Start with a simple Halloween-inspired palette, add a dash of mischievous fun, then host a memorable dinner party. Be sure to try one (or more!) of these table settings and decorating ideas this Halloween. Choose colours like orange, black, purple, dark blue, silver…

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Your decor should be sophisticated yet never minimal. Simple linens and dishes in the Halloween color palette express a more adult ambience than the typical kid-centric party supplies. Try incorporating a few fun and playful elements to spark conversation.

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My choice will be to use a solid colour of textile (tablecloth and napkins) and combine them with more decorated plates and glasses. You can add charming details such as Halloween style menu card (make it funny – it could make a lot of laugh), make your own decorated candles or unique candlestick. As the central piece you can arrange beautiful and utterly scary flower bouquet or black cardboard gothic candlestick.

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Also the food decoration is very important and it is a great playground for your creativity. Make a biscuits in the recognizable Halloween shapes, cupcakes in the cups that suit your colour scheme, and decorate them on the top with little spiders or black cats (you can find items in specialized shops).

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The final look depense of your taste, so it could be really rich, almost theatrical set, or you can use just a small details that have a Halloween design. But important thing is that you are doing it in your style and that final design makes you and your friends and family happy.

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