Handmade Christmas decorations

Christmas is our favourite holiday. Especially today when it becomes a time to show up a bit, put some shine and glitz all around your house and allow to yourself to be a bit silly and crazy. But, have you ever felt a bit bored with all the same decorations that can be bought in every shop around the Christmas time? Do you feel you need something else to make you feel proud of your decorations? Who needs silver, gold and red baubles any more, when we can made our unique?

Let’s us start with probably the simplest project – a button garland. All you need is a thick cord (even a fine gardening twine will do the job) and big buttons in different sizes and colours. You might already have them, or buy them in hobby and haberdashery shops. You may choose buttons that fit in one colour scheme or have a free choice of colours. Reds, greens, whites, blues are always a good choice.


Those white Christmas trees are so lovely and elegant in their simplicity. They are made from thick cardboard or MDF and painted with white acrylic paint. A small hole is drilled on the top for decorative ribbon to make trees ready to hang.

white trees

Another simple project! Charming stars made from felt sheets in various colours with an addition of few small buttons. First, draw a star shape on the piece of paper, cut it out and use as a pattern. Place pattern on the felt sheet and with a piece of tailors chalk mark the shape. Put two star-shaped felt pieces together, fill them with a small amount of wadding material and stitch together all around using blanket stitch. Just add a piece of ribbon to hang your beautiful stars. The colour of the felt can be matched with the buttons, but you can also go wild and choose contrasting colours.


Another easy project to create a unique Christmas decorations. This small Christmas trees are made from thin branches that you can easily find in this time of the year. You may even think in advance and save some of them after Autumn pruning in your garden, or simply made a stroll to the nearest park a collect branches there. Cut the piece of thin cardboard into 1 cm wide and 10 cm long strips. Choose nice and straight branches and cut them with secateurs in various lengths – from longest to shortest – and shape them into a Christmas tree. Using PVA glue, stick the cardboard strip through the centre of the each tree and press well. Wait until it dries completely. Punch the hole on the top of the strip and use a ribbon to hang the tree… well, on the tree.

christmas trees

What a lovely idea to make a small Christmas tree from the rosemary cuttings stuck into wine corks! It makes fantastic table decoration for your Christmas dinner. In combination with white elegant crockery, simple white table-cloth and napkins they will stood out and everybody will love them . Not to mention a beautiful rosemary scent! As the centre piece of the table you can make this minimalistic Christmas tree made from wooden sticks, cut in various lengths, painted in white and glued in the shape of tree.

rosemary treesAll this decorations are so easy to make and can be an ideal project to include your children and friends. Over the tea and biscuits, with a lot of chat and laugh you can let your creativity loose and wild.

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