Gudrun Sjödén Design Unique Rugs

Gudrun Sjödén Design was founded in 1976. Head Office is situated in Stockholm, Sweden. The company sells its collection through its own concept boutiques, catalogues and webshop mainly to customers in Scandinavia, central Europe, Germany and the UK.

Gudrun Sjödén’s business idea is to make colourful clothes and home textiles in natural materials with an emphasis on Scandinavian design. The fashion is designed to be functional and versatile so it can be mixed and matched in both the short and long term in looks to suit women of all ages, shapes and sizes.

Gudrun Sjoden rugs 1

Gudrun Sjödén Design  has a beautiful range of home textiles and their rugs are very special. Simple yet carefully designed their rugs look gorgeous in any interior, traditional or modern, big or small.

Gudrun Sjoden rugs 3

Cotton, wool, felt, woven and embroidered – there really is something for everyone in their smörgåsbord of fabulous rugs. Many of products can be also displayed as the wall hangings and that gives the interiors a warmth that is needed.

Gudrun Sjoden rugs 2

Gudrun Sjödén Design makes their rugs in recognizable folky style designs. Floral motifs and uneven stripes mix perfectly together on the pieces and the colour range is bright and cheerful. The countryside is never far away with the twittering “Kolibri” design of this richly patterned rug with flowers and birds harmonising to make a perfect match.

Gudrun Sjoden rugs 4

Their “Alva” wool weave rug will add warmth to your floor decoratively as well as through the material it is made from. It has an embroidered pattern incorporating a flower and leaf motif in the form of contoured lines with filled surfaces.

gudrun sjoden rug

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