Four Rules on How to Choose Right Vintage Furniture

Whether you are after original period furniture or second-hand bargains to create your vintage look, there is always something out there that’s right for you. Just follow simple rules about planning, searching and selection, and you can find fantastic pieces of furniture for your home. And if they need a bit of TLC, check out some of the techniques for restoring and looking after furniture so it will last and last and give a wonderful vintage look to your home.

Furniture is the staple of every room, and here are the four simple rules on what to buy you should stick to.

Rule 1

Start with the basics, thinking about them as the building blocks of your room. In the living room somewhere to sit is a must, so begin with a sofa and/or armchairs. Bedrooms are for sleeping, so it’s comfy beds all the way. With these basics you have a functioning room. Everything else can follow in time. The important point with essentials is to pick pieces you love because you will have to live with them every single day, and probably for a long time.

Rule 2

Don’t cram your room with too much furniture. Start with the bare minimum and add other pieces over time. A bit of breathing space between purchases is sometimes a good thing. When buying, look for furniture that might be able to serve a dual purpose. For example, you can think about storage potential when buying any item of furniture because if a key piece can provide storage too, it’s a winner in your book.

Rule 3

Buy the best quality you can afford. Flatpack furniture will come and go, often very quickly, but classic, well-made furniture will stand the test of time. Up and down the country in auction houses, markets and thousands of second-hand shops, there is beautiful, high-quality furniture for sale, and it will enhance your home in ways that flatpack can never match. Invest in the good stuff whenever you can.

Rule 4

Think practically. The furniture you choose should work for you and the way you live your life. It shouldn’t be a hassle or a maintenance nightmare. If, for example, you have a busy family life, glass tables and white sofas might not be the best choices if you want to be able to relax, or you have a small children. Pick your furniture to make you happy.

Using this rules and carefully considering your furniture choices before you buy will pay dividends in your home.

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