Find an Antique Chandelier or Make your Own

Chandeliers generate visions of royalty, magnificence and opulence. Though some new versions have evolved, there’s still an aura of antiquity that surrounds a chandelier. So if you want an antique look for your home, you must look for turn-of-the-century furniture, a old-fashioned fireplace and a chandelier.

If you are one of the lucky ones who possess an old chandelier handed down to you through generations, then you wouldn’t need much effort. For the not so lucky ones, you would need to hunt for a piece that would look impressively old. Antique shops would definitely be your first stop. For nothing can really replicate that old look better than a piece actually made years back. If you couldn’t find anything interesting enough for you, you have no other choice but to get a ready-made variety and try to give it an old look.


First, steer clear of the slim-trim polished-steel chandeliers. These are especially designed for modern homes with clean-cut furniture and can never be passed off as old. Antique chandeliers are ornate pieces with very intricate carvings.

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Candle chandeliers are really archaic. An antique chandelier can be made of crystal, wrought iron, or brass or antlers, and they are never shiny in appearance. That is why you just cannot buy a wrought-iron or a brass type of chandelier and install it, hoping that it would impart an antique look to the environs. The chandelier must be worked upon so that there is an authentic antique feel to it. To replicate an old look, you need to apply an antiquing glaze on it. While the glaze is still wet, you need to rub off the shine from it with a soft cloth. The latter is done to achieve a worn-out look.


When the chandeliers is finished, it is also important to have the other furniture catered to the antique look. For a single antique or antique-looking chandelier cannot bring about an antique feel in the ambience. A chandelier will look antique only when there’s an antique atmosphere around it.


So start search for pieces of the furniture – an antique sofa, pair of chairs and coffee table, or an old rug. With a careful choice of styles, colours and shapes you can achieve an amazing feel of rich, cosy and antique look for your home.

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