Felt Alive by Kay Petal

The needle is something really special. from fluffy ‘nothing’ (sorry for this expression) you can create the whole new world. So welcome to Key Petal’s magical world of sculptural needle felting. Where wondrous fluffs of wool transform into whimsical characters with heart and soul.

Without using any patterns or sewing stitches, Kay Petal manipulates a difficult art medium like wool into amazing needle felted dolls.


Kay Petal discovered needle felting back in 2007, while she was recovering from a rare form of cancer. She had realized life was too short and that she needed to focus less on the mundane things in life, and more on finding the thing she is most passionate about.


As soon as she found needle felting online, something happened and she just started researching on it. She had discovered a unique way of bringing wool to life, and she never looked back since.


Kay can create any kind of needle felted dolls, but lately, she has been focusing on making doll caricatures of real life celebrities. Her artistic efforts have been rewarded by various design and craft sites which published some of her works and introduced her amazing talent to the world.


Kay Petal says about her felted dolls, “My specialty is needle felted dolls with a focus on celebrity caricatures. My Felt Alive dolls are fully jointed, solid felted wool and require no sewing, no stuffing, no painting, no knitting or crocheting, no patterns and no wire armatures! That’s right, none of that! Shaping and sculpting fluffy, unspun wool with barbed felting needles is nearly like magic.”


Sharing her passion for needle felting has helped Kay find a secure and confident voice and is opening some very special doors for her.As an active member of an online felting community, The Felting & Needle Felting Forum, Kay Petal was offered an opportunity by the founder to purchase it and take over as administrator.


Kay also started teaching with an online class she put together and that has students all over the world. She have taught needle felting workshops locally, including volunteering my time in local schools. Recently she released her classes on dvd.


For more information please check Kay Petal’s website www.feltalive.com

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