Fairy Tale Pottery by Mary Rose Young

Hidden amongst the geenery of the Forest of Dean lies Mary Rose Young’s pottery gallery. There, she and her team make her range of fairy tale pottery. Most of it is ordered by galleries around the world but plenty is left to stock her own gallery just outside Parkend.

The pottery is traditional white earthenware. Mary Rose hand throws the pieces herself at the wheel. There are variety of ceramic adornments she may then apply. She likes roses, “multiflowers”, crowns, jewels, hearts and a number of animals.

Mary Rose Young 2

The work is decorated with bright underglaze colours adn fired for the first time. Then a second glaze firing leads up to the lustering and gilding. Gold, silver and mother of pearl are applied as necessary and the pieces get their final firing.

042 1

Ever since Ozzy Osbourne drank a cup of tea from his Mary Rose mug on prime time TV a stream of beautiful people have been spotted buying up Mary Rose’s work. It is certainly a suitable gift for somebody who already has everything! Steven Tyler shops in Hawaii and Philip Kirkirov in Russia.

MRYDSCN12903 27 2010

One of her most striking pieces is a teaset chandelier where the light bulbs are cups and saucers around a giant teapot.



Mary Rose’s decorative and colourful touch has of course influenced the interior design of her house and several magazines and TV programmes have featured her home.

mary rose

The gallery is open Monday – Friday from 9 to 5pm and some weekends. Everyone is welcometo come and browse. There is a small display to show how her work has evolved and there is also the facility to decorate a plate yourself. Inspired by the rich colours and designs your creativity may surprise even you! This costs 20 pounds.

pottery maryYoung

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