Easy making button wreaths

There is something to do with all those extra buttons. You can turn your buttons into the home or garden decorations that are unique and clearly show your own personality. This is a simple button wreath project and very young children will enjoy selecting and placing the buttons, while older ones will be able to do it entirely on their own in about 45 minutes.

Needed material:

  • Cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Assorted buttons
  • Craft glue
  • ribbon bow
  • Gold or silver or colour spray


Cut out a circle of cardboard. The circle will have a hole in the middle like a big cardboard doughnut, and the width of the cardboard will be about the width of the button wreath. If you want a thick wreath, then leave more cardboard, whereas if you want a thin one then make the middle hole larger. Also, you can buy wreath form in specialized craft shops. It’s nice to cover it with ribbon, textile or wool thread.

Spray paint the front and back of the cardboard circle gold; this way, if any of the cardboard shows through it will be pretty and not a dull brown. Be sure to spray paint outside if possible, and in a well-ventilated area if you must work inside.

Arrange the buttons on the cardboard circle. Use larger, flatter buttons on the bottom layer, and more elaborate and smaller buttons on the top. Be sure that you cover the edges of the cardboard, and use plenty of glue so that the buttons will stick securely.


Glue the holiday bow to the wreath. You can put it at the top, bottom or on one of the sides. Try holding it in various positions until you find one that you like.

Allow the wreath to dry flat for 24 hours. You need to give it this long because buttons are heavy and may pull away from set but not firmly dried glue. Once the wreath is completely dry, you can hang it on the wall or give it as a homemade holiday gift.


There are endless possibilities in making button wreaths. The buttons different in size, colour, shape and style, various ribbons and textile embellishments, give you chance to make a unique wreath for any occasion – Christmas holidays, Easter holidays, Valentine day, birthdays, children’s room decor…


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