Deryn Relph’s Retro Design

Deryn Relph is a textile designer, with a love of colour, pattern and texture, who likes to think creatively about the use of textiles she designs and constructs.

“Although I specialised in knitted textiles for Interior use during my BA(Hons) Textile Design at Winchester School of Art, I merge this with previous upholstery and furnishing skills to create unique and contemporary solutions to an idea.”

Textile designer Deryn Relph’s designs are made out of knitted upcycled materials and have a playful 1960s look to them. Inspired by nature, these creations are meant to “evoke a positive emotional response” and achieve that goal by using interesting color combinations and lamp shades shaped like flowers buds ready to bloom.

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Holey Moley

‘Holey Moley’ was inspired by lace holes, molecular structures and Op Art. Central to its development was the idea that what we see is not always reality! The collection explores slightly offbeat uses for knitted textile construction, combined with graphic patterns and screen-printing. Lambswool and cotton are used in a monochrome colour palette with flashes of orange and ice blue.

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‘Retro Rainbow Rejuvenation’

Inspired by the ‘future potential’ of seeds, ‘Retro Rainbow Rejuvenation’ exploits the properties of knitted textiles and a variety of techniques to explore the possibilities of reinventing interiors. By evoking an emotional response through use of colour and nostalgic ‘retro’ elements it hopes to foster stronger attachments to objects, so addressing sustainability.

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Beatrix & Cirque Surreal

The mixture of projects in this collection are representative of my desire to be a versatile designer.
‘Beatrix’ was inspired by the life, work and times of Beatrix Potter. There is an element of ‘being a child forever’…
‘Cirque Surreal’ evolved from an old, gold cardigan, inspired by a visit to the amazing ‘Gifford’s Circus and Surrealsm.

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