Decorative Picture Frame for Baby Room

Celebrating a birth of a baby is a perfect excuse to get crafting and there’s something particularly satisfying about making a special gift for the new arrival, especially if it is something that can be kept and displayed  for years to come. You can really go wrong with a pretty decorative picture frame – it is perfect for the new baby, but really suitable for any little girl.

This project is ideal for beginners as the techniques involved are simply cutting and gluing. The frame can be made in an evening and, of course, if pink is not for you the design will work just as well in any other colour scheme.

Material you will need

  • 16 cm-square frame with 8 cm-square window
  • pink acrylic paint
  • pink woolen felt
  • craft glue
  • fabric glue (optional)
  • ribbon, lace, buttons
  • wooden hearts
  • scissors, craft knife, paintbrush

Picture 021

How to make it?

1  Remove the backing from the frame. Paint 3 wooden hearts and the edges of the frame in pink. Leave it aside while it is completely dry. If necessary, apply the second coat of paint.

2  Apply an even coat of fabric glue or craft glue to the front of the frame. Place felt on top and press down firmly and evenly.

3  Leave the glue to set for about 30 minutes, then use a very sharp craft knife to cut the felt neatly round the edges of the frame.

4  Tape lace and ribbon along the top of the frame and secure the ends on the back. Tape lace round the sides.

5  Glue three buttons down each side of the frame and three painted hearts along the bottom. Attach a button between each painted heart.

6  Tie a bow and glue it at the top of the frame. Leave the glue to set and dry, then fix the backing in the frame.

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