Curbi Studio Makes Your Toys Alive!

Curbi Studio is the every child’s dream… there their drawings become alive! Burcu Musselwhite is making kids’ dreams come true – literally. She takes commissions to preserve children’s latest masterpiece in a toy or painting, and has an online gallery of monsters, mermaids, mummies and daddies.

Although children naturally enjoy scribbling with pens and pencils (not always on paper), sometimes it can be hard to really engage them in an afternoon of artistic play. Curbi Studio may have the answer – instead of drawing pictures for drawing’s sake, your children can design their own soft toys which the stitch whizzes at Curbi Studio create for them.

Burcu Musselwhite graduated in Art Education Degree in Turkey, following this  she taught art in Istanbul for 12 years.  During this time she was illustrating children’s books which were published in Turkey. It is another joyful journey. After she married she came to UK.

Coming to Britain Burcu discover to be very inspiring experience and big change in her life.  While she was looking for a job she decided to use her previous experience. Burcu remembered a very interesting art exhibition  she saw many years ago in Istanbul – the artist made soft toys form his grand daughter’s drawings. She was really impressed, because for her children’s drawings are always untouched and honest and the most creative art pieces in the world.

This exhibition has always stayed in Burcu’s mind. When she was teaching art during free time in the class, she would illustrate her students drawings again.  When she drew them again they could see their drawings become an art piece. So she decided to put together these two ideas and create a new adventure.

When she is not turning kid’s dreams in the reality, Burcu continuously work on her illustrations, make lovely cloth dolls with dreamy and melancholic faces, hand paint plates, and so many other beautiful items that make us smile immediately.


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