Create the Unique Envelopes

Do you like to send and receive letters? Real, paper and handwritten letters and cards? I think it is still sometimes the best way to communicate with people, because it shows that you really care. If you are a creative person and like to put your own mark on the things, making the unique, artistic envelopes can be a great fun. And the statement, too.

The white envelopes remind us on the office and official correspondence. Even coloured envelopes can seem a bit boring sometimes — cheer them up with some artwork. There are lots of ways to decorate an envelope — you can draw on it, paint on it, decoupage it, bedazzle it — you name it.

envelope 1

Now, keep in mind that depending on what you do, you might need to add extra postage. Just drawing on it will add a practically negligible amount of weight to the envelope, so extra postage won’t be necessary. However, if you paint on it, add more layers or paper or glue rhinestones onto it, you should add an extra stamp just to be safe.

envelope 3

Be sure you use a good quality envelopes for this project. That means the paper need to be good enough to endure your actions. Then choose the theme, technique, materials and take a time to do it.

envelope 6

Depends of your skills, you can create a various beautiful envelopes for different occasions. Don’t be afraid – it can be a small addition and it can look just perfect. The more does not always means the best!

envelope 2

Let’s take a look at some of the artwork, both by professional artists and amateurs. Enjoy the diversity of ideas and creations, and, maybe, you will be inspired to do the same thing next time when you want to send a letter or card.

envelope 8

envelope 9

envelope 7

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