Crafting Project for You and Your Children

There is no better time than the time spent with your family and kids. Especially when your children are small and in need to discover and learn new things, it is the best way to occupy them with some creative projects. So you can look for ways to keep craft time with your children simple and fun. Here are some suggestions that may help you to create an interesting crafting project for your children and you.
1. Find the craft the children want to make and then make a list of all the supplies you will need for the project. If you lack of some of supplies needed, make a shopping list and you can involve your child in shopping. Use only non-toxic, children-friendly paints, glues, etc. Also be sure you have wet wipes and kitchen towels at home.

2. Put a plastic table cloth or some other protective sheet down where you will be crafting.

3. Have all supplies laid out before you announce craft time to your kids. Try to be well organized.

4. Always try to have extra supplies in case something is lost or broken, etc.

5. Wear your children in old clothes so you will not be worried about over ruining what they are wearing.

6. Show the children how to do the craft, but let them do it in their own way. If you insist on perfection, then you might as well do the craft yourself and forget about having craft time with the kids. It makes the children think that everything has to be absolutely perfect and that their best is not good enough. Certainly their little hands need help, but you know you have gone too far when you are the only one left at the craft table.

7. Have a fun! Don’t worry about a little paint on their hands and faces, take pictures instead. That will be nice memory on good times.

Hopefully you will try these suggestions for a stress free craft time with your children. Show them how to have fun, they will learn how to be stressed out way too soon anyway. Also, you may include your friend’s or neighbor’s children too.

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