Christmas snowflake garland

If you look for a project for this Christmas, making snowflake garland is easy and very beautiful and exciting. Once you made it and decorate your home, it will be a real star and your guests will love it. With minimal material needed and very basic skills you may create the magic.

In this project is used white/red colour scheme, but you may choose something quite different: white/black/silver or gold or firework bright colours (red, blue, green, yellow), for example.

Snowflake garland

Material you need

– tracing paper

– 10 x 10 thick white felt for each star

– dressmaker’s pencil

– dressmaker’s carbon paper

– 2 m red cord, ribbon or felt string

– red embroidery thread

How to make it

Copy the outline of the star and stitch pattern overleaf onto tracing paper and cut out. Enlarge or reduce on a photocopier as required. Pin the template to the felt, draw around the star shape with a dressmaker’s pen and cut out. Repeat to make as many stars as you want for your garland.

Put a sheet of dressmaker’s carbon paper on top of the felt star, with the carbon side face down. Place the paper template on top. Draw over the stitch pattern with the pencil to transfer the embroidery pattern onto the felt.

Using red embroidery thread, follow the stitch guide to embroider the pattern on the felt star. See picture below for instructions. In this project four stitches were used: back stitch, French knots and detached chain stitch (that is used for daisy flower).

various stitches

Position the finished stars along the length of cord, ribbon or string at 40 cm intervals, sewing in place with white thread. Make two loops in the cord, ribbon or string in between each star and secure with a couple of stitches.

Snowflake garland (1)

The finished garland may be hanged on your fireplace, cupboard frame or above the door.

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