Christmas Essentials

Have a fabulous festive season with our selection of the best crackers, stockings and decorations. Use the affordable materials and dress your home for Christmas in a palette of vintage brights. Here we giving you a few suggestions how to make your Christmas a very special. With a personal finishing touches you will have a great fun creating your own Christmas essentials – crackers, stockings and small decorations.

1 To make your own crackers, you will need toilet roll tubes, a glue stick, craft papers, scissors and a bit of imagination. Place the tube in the centre of the paper, make sure it is equal distance from each side. Then decorate your paper as you like, using stamps or cut-out images. Glue to one side of the tube, then roll the paper around it. Fill with the small gift, insert a snap, then tie the edges with ribbon and embellish with sparkly buttons.

Christmas 3

Personalise each cracker with small gifts that you can find in supermarkets, craft and hobby shops, or specialised shops. If you try to choose the right gift for each guest, lot of fun is guaranteed.

2 An ideal way to display a button collection is to put it onĀ  show at Christmas. Rummage through your button box and group according the colour and size. Think about what look you want to achieve – for example a group of bright gold buttons would create a striking look (military buttons are the great choice) or stick to traditional red for something more understated.

Christmas 1

Once you have selected your theme, begin threading them on craft wire. When a circle is complete, twist the ends together and cut with wire cutters. Tie a length of ribbon to this spot for you to hang the decoration and then tie another piece into a bow to finish and to hide the rough edges. The type of buttons you use will affect the weight of the final decoration, so be aware of that when you choose the place to hang them.

3 There is really something special about hanging out stockings at Christmas time, and one that is roomy enough for the most wished-for present makes a great gift in itself. You will need quite large pieces of thick fabrics, in Christmas colours such as red, white or in festive print. It can be also a plaid picnic rug, complete with tassels, or a thick bed blanket, often found with a satin ribbon edging.

christmas stocking

You can make these special stockings as simple or as fancy as you like. First of all, make a stocking template out of the paper. Then transfer the shape on the reverse side of the fabric. Don’t forget to leave about 1.5 cm extra all around for the seam. Stitch the both sides by hand or sawing machine and turn the stocking right side out. Start to embellish using whatever you like – ribbons, stitches and embroidery, applications, pom-poms, tassels…

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