Button-silhouette art

Making a button -silhouette art can be a time consuming process (especially is you decide to make a piece of large size), but it gives a great pleasure as the final result. Depending of the idea, the topic and style, you are able to create a wonderful wall decoration that may be a perfect present for any occasion. The simple act of repairing a loose button on a piece of clothing seems to be an easy task lost on the entire younger generation. Whenever a button popped off a shirt or pants, women used to grab their jars of buttons and began a mad task of finding a matching companion to fix it.

button map

Nowadays, instead of simply sewing a button on, we just toss it into the donation bag or, worse, throw it away. jars of buttons may be less common now, but they can be found easily at flea markets and thrift stores for very little money.

Start by amassing a large collection of old buttons to make these charming silhouette pieces of art.

button deer

First, you need to contemplate on what you want to do. When you choose the design and the size, you need to find pre-stretched artist canvas, which is easily available in any arts & crafts shop. You can keep it in white or natural  or use an acrylic paints and colour it in any shade you like.

button dogs

You may find easier, or more effective to your choosen design, to use a cardboard instead of canvas. On the picture above you can see an excellent usage of cardboard covered with beautiful vintage wallpapers.

Then,¬† make a simple template of your design in the size of final piece and transfer it to the canvas, or, if you are confident and skilled enough, make your drawing directly on the canvas using tailor’s chalk. The best way is to keep the design simple, without sufficient details, yet easily recognizable.

button tree

There are two ways you can fix your buttons to the canvas – you may use a strong craft glue and neatly glue each button on the surface, or you may use a more traditional way and stitch the buttons down. The colour of the stitching thread may match the colour of the button, but if you like more funky look to your art piece, then use a lots of different colours.

button bird



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