Button napkin holder

Button napkin holders look lovely tied around  coloured linen and are a simple way to introduce your key wedding colours into your reception table scheme. Thread a few buttons onto a length of jewelry wire, using different sizes and colours. Turn each end over so they are not sharp. The lovely thing about buttons is the variety of looks you can create Рfor a folksy, muted palette, combine leather and bone Рcoloured buttons or, if you want sparkle, use diamanté encrusted pieces. Ask friends and family to donate buttons to your wedding project. You will be amazed at the lovely buttons you will be given and using those given by loved ones adds even more meaning to what you make.

Big buttons, especially embellished ones, can be expensive, so scour flea markets and yard sales. Sometimes it is cheaper to buy old cardigans and jackets for the buttons than it is to buy them new from haberdashery stores, and there is also a sense of history from using pre-loved buttons, too.



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