Button Bracelet or Necklace

Button bracelets are perfect little gifts for big girls as well as little girls. The choice and colour of buttons that you use means these can vary from candy coloured childish to classy mother-of-pearl cool. Never throw a button away: hoard them in a tin and reclaim them from all those shirts and pieces of clothing that are too well loved to wear. Raid the tins in charity shops or even buy whole lots on line.

Material you will need:

lots of buttons;

waxed cotton thread (available in beading and craft shops) or

silk embroidery yarn;

beads if you like;


1 Gather up a little bowlful of buttons that look good together and would suit your soon-to-be-lucky button bracelet wearer. Thread your waxed cotton thread or chosen embroidery yarn onto a slim darning needle.

2 Start with piece of thread that is twice as long as you would need for a bracelet or necklace. At one end, thread on a chunky button going through both holes in the button, then tie it firmly in place with three or four knots leaving a length of thread trailing from the knot.

3 The second button you add needs to have four holes. Thread the short end of the thread that is trailing from the knot through two of the holes, and the long piece attached to the needle through the other and tie them tightly together, ensuring that both buttons lie flat, side by side, and are not pulled up so that they overlap.

4 Then add all the rest of the buttons, threading the yarn through each button several times so that they are all secure and remain evenly spaced apart. You can add little stacks of buttons, beads and jewels, or keep things plain and simple. Keep threading until you have a length long enough for your bracelet or a necklace.

5 When you have reached the length that you are after, add another four-hole button, threading through only two of holes, then, leaving a couple of centimetres gap, add your last button and tie it securely in place.

6 To create a loop at one end to secure your bracelet or necklace, double back the thread and push it through the two empty holes on your last four-holes button to create the loop. Tie off the end and trim it down. To fasten the bracelet, hook the loop over the button that gives the best fit.

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