Betty Pepper’s Textile Jewelry

Betty Pepper is a textile/jewellery designer maker. In her effort to find that elusive something which makes an object desirable and somewhat ‘magical’ she explores different media and techniques in both two and three-dimensions.

Her work is inspired by stories, memories, things from the past, over-hearings and misgivings.

Fairy Tale Necklace(1)

A strand of humour runs through Betty’s work using word games, hidden messages and secrets. The work features ‘grown-up’ interests, but they are treated with a child-like attitude.

Pale Imitation(2)

Fabrics, the way they fade, carry scents and act as memory aids fascinate Betty. The recycling of old garments and fabric has become an important part of her work. The jewellery she creates uses this ageing fabric that seems to have tales of its own to tell, traces of perfume, old buttons and thread. Imagine the stories such inanimate objects would tell could they speak.

Ancient Aunt Edith's Teaset

‘The ways in which time changes and decays objects interests me greatly and I like the notion that all things are ephemeral and constantly in a state of deterioration. My work often deals with stories from the dim and distant past. This is why I choose to work with faded colours. I like the way they look as if they have lived a little.’

Old Men Forget

Betty currently has three collections which are constantly evolving: Book Keeping, The Dressing Up Box and The Cloth Moth.

Margaret, Frida & Rita Brooches

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