Art Quilts by Anna Torma

Anna Torma was born in 1952, Tarnaors, Hungary. Her interest in working with textiles goes back to early childhood when she learned to sew, knit, crochet and embroider from her mother and grandmothers. Not an unusual start for the future textile artist. But, Anna is treating the textile as the tool for creating a complex surface designs deeply meaningful and inspirative.Torma graduated with a degree in Textile Art and Design from the Hungarian University of Applied Arts, Budapest, Hungary, where she studied from 1974-79. Textiles was at that time moving away from it’s incarnation as folk art, or genteel past time.

anna torma 2

It slipped under the harsh spotlight of the authorities that shone intently over the shoulder of fine arts. Pieces were then being woven or stitched into abtract forms, installations, conceptual work in ways that had not previously been considered. She has been a practicing, exhibiting artist since that time; producing mainly large-scale hand embroidered wall hangings. She immigrated to Canada in 1988.

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“The works, which Anna Torma produces, are technically brilliant and conceptually complex, evoking both personal and formal elements, which are a hallmark of her work. She has a keen interest in contemporary and international art movements and issues and combines those with all things visual encompassing landscape, nature, architecture and the objects of everyday life.” (Gemey Kelly, Director, Owens Art Gallery, Sackville, NB)

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The works of Anna Torma are huge in scale, intricate, complex, intimate, meaningful, playful, contradictory.  Each work is a place to visit, spend time, be lost, find things, learn and always be inspired. So many things happening in each piece, so many strands, stories and interpretations.

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Torma repeatedly uses the drawings and stories of her children. The work involved feels like a natural representation of the patience and repetition of motherhood and the unconditional love therein.

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