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Alex Dukal is an illustrator born and raised between the wastelands, wind and sand from Patagonia Argentina. He studied at the National School of Fine Arts “Manuel Belgrano” of Buenos Aires. From very young, Alex started to publish comics and illustrations in the legendary “Fierro” magazine.

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Back in his hometown he spent some years dedicated to painting and teaching illustration and comics to young people. That all happened during the nineties. Actually he works for publishers from all around the world, enjoying and illustrating with passion different kind of projects, mostly for children’s books and design agencies.

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Alex has done works for popular magazines in Argentina such as Fierro, Lápiz Japonés and others. Also he has contributed with his illustrations to some childeren’s books, which it’s his currently job.

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He says about his work: “I’ve that conviction and I really love to do what I’m doing. It’s not easy ’cause I don’t have a normal working shedule, I work almost seven days a week, sometimes during holydays, and as I don’t have an agent or representant I also must to negotiate, lear about legal stuff, etc. But I’m not complaining, I’m very happy to make a living from what I love!”

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Comics are the big influence in Alex’s work, mainly underground comix. He loves the work of artists like Robert Crumb, Art Spiegelman, Loustal, Mattotti, Moebius, Harriman, Serge Clerc, Hergé, Joost Swarte, Hayao Miyazaki, and the works of many Argentine colleagues. “In general I like comics from individuals, not the ones originated into the American industry that produces works in series, as if they were shoes, I love those personal and crafted works, like the exquisite “RAW” Mag from Art Spiegelman, and also I love a lot of Childrens picture books!”

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His children’s’ book style of illustration is weird and wonderful, delightfully charming. His works are full of gritty, understated surroundings with interesting characters that have definite purpose. For those who like a bit of escapism, Alex’s illustrations transport you to another world.

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